Beginner’s Guide To Using Adobe Lightroom Presets

Beginner’s Guide To Using Adobe Lightroom Presets

Most photographers, especially professional portrait photographers, are seeking for the best presets to apply for their collections of images. There are several ways to get the best presets. In fact, some of them can be created in Lightroom interface or other resources such as Adobe Photoshop or Elements. But most portrait photographers prefer using Adobe Lightroom for their images since aside from the fact that it has a smooth sailing editing interface, it can help them save time and effort in modifying their images, plus they can use third-party Lightroom presets that can be applied to one or more images at once.

What are the best free Lightroom portrait presets?

If you are the kind of portrait photographers who doesn’t have extra time in creating your own collections of lightroom portrait presets, then there’s nothing to worry about since you can get more of the best bundles of presets online. Personally, I have downloaded and installed hundreds of free Lightroom portrait presets online such as Sleeklens, Behance, Pinterest and more. Unfortunately, there are also hundreds and even thousands of unpolished or junky presets online. You have to be careful in downloading, make sure to check the sample bundles first or read helpful reviews.

But, if you have all the time to make a customized presets, make sure to explore everything in the Develop module and its effects panel for you to have the best and high-quality Lightroom portrait presets of your own.

How To Install Adobe Lightroom Presets?

Adobe Lightroom presets can be installed and applied to images easily. All you have to do is download third-party preset collections, unzip the file, then open Lightroom. Next is to open the Library module and choose user presets then click on import. Now that you have your installed presets in Lightroom’s interface, you can use or modify it anytime.