Lightroom and HDR Presets

Lightroom and HDR Presets

LR22It requires no sweat if you enhance your photos through Lightroom. So convenient is Lightroom that it enables you to enhance photos without consuming so much of your time, especially with Lightroom 5 presets.

A case in point is this High Dynamic Range (HDR) preset. Lightroom 5 presets, as always, present a diversified collection in its disposal because it covers every detailed enhancement you can think of, and HDR presets are a testament to it.

Using these presets allows you to improve your photos in a life like manner, resembling that seen from a naked eye. The properties of this preset shows you why it is one of the most popular presets around.

  • Highlight Details – This preset works quite well with the brightness of your photo. It controls the luminosity of your photo in a more balanced way.
  • Shadow Details – Shadows are more in place with HDR presets compared to those that deal with the same element. If you want to get the best out of those shadows, then this is the preset for you.
  • Contrasting Prowess – Creating that dramatic effect through contrast is something HDR has perfected over the years. It interplays the light and dark pixel of your photo quite well.
  • Quite Sharp – You can enhance the crispness and the clarity of your photo like that of a professional as it pops out or creates impact to the viewer.

There are other presets in Lightroom 5 that deals pictures the same way HDR does, but this preset is special because it performs masking or gradient filling to create impactful images in return.

There are steps to be followed though for you to have that desired photo image in mind. But these are steps that even first time users can follow. And after following these simple steps, you can save it as a Preset in itself in the User Presets folder.

Never has been photo editing and enhancement this systematic and easy to use. Get your Lightroom 5 presets now and start with HDR presets, and you will notice that it is so much fun to enhance photos the Lightroom way.