Upgrading to Adobe Lightroom 6.3

Upgrading to Adobe Lightroom 6.3

If you’re too busy modifying your images, then you’re missing a lot of things. New camera models, lenses, and accessories are being released and announce every day. However, what you need is not a new camera, but a new post-processing software.

Did I just mention software? Yes. Action cams and accessories are important to every photographer’s life. But post-processing tools like Adobe Lightroom are way more important in order for them to produce high-quality images.

LR6In this article, we will talk about the importance of upgrading your Lightroom program to Adobe Lightroom 6.3. Few weeks ago, Adobe decided to update the program because there were complaints about the speed and performance. We will also talk about the changes made in the current version of Lightroom.
If you’re a photo fanatic like me, you will be more interested to know the general facts about how Adobe transformed the program. With great respect to the company, I appreciate how they retain the simplicity and uniqueness of Lightroom.

So what do you get when you decide to upgrade to Lightroom 6.3? Is it worth it? Is it more reliable and consistent? Absolutely. The program even added more features to help you simplify the editing process. Investing your money in Lightroom is recommended.

If you’re still using the old versions of Lightroom: 4, 5 or 6. You’re missing a lot of exciting perks and benefits. Now is the best time to upgrade your Lightroom and enjoy more editing features.

Here are some features that were added to Lightroom 6.3:

  • Facial Recognition
  • Smart Previews
  • Overlay Guide
  • Radial Filter
  • Visualize Spots
  • Slideshow Improvements
  • HDR and Panorama Merge
  • Auto Crop

Certainly, this will not be the end of Lightroom’s journey. The company will continue to upgrade the program to help their users. There are a lot of fanatic’s Preset list for Lightroom available in the market. Most of the presets are compatible with Adobe Lightroom 6.3.